Wedding Reception Decorations – Different Styles and Trends

Wedding reception decorations done in a beautiful way will bring out your personal choice and style on your wedding for others to see. These decorations can reflect your personality, tastes and interests and will help in making the reception venue very unique and splendid on your special day.

Receptions today can range from a grand and a luxurious affair to even a small brunch with close friends and family and irrespective of the kind of reception you want, it will have loads of things that you’ll get involved into!

You’ll be required to choose a reception venue, receiving lines, write the toasts and get some wedding reception decorating ideas. And this is barely the start! Receptions require a lot of preparation and planning, regardless of the formality or how small or big the celebration is and it’s easy amidst the whole process to get overwhelmed.

Reception trends keep changing almost every year and seasonally too, so if you’d like to keep yourself updated about the trendiest and latest styles of wedding reception decorations, search for different ideas in vogue for the season on the internet, this way you’ll be aware what others are doing.

The decoration style you want could be dependent upon the total number of guests expected at the ceremony. The reception ideas are many and it’s always wise to stick to a budget you have decided on. Get inexpensive, simple yet lovely looking wedding decoration items and use the money you would have spent here on something more important.

Flowers are used almost at all events and occasions. Get wedding reception flowers, imitation or real; that is up to you and you can put them in different sizes, shapes and colors of vases along with stunning multicolored stones. Get the colors in tone with the wedding reception décor and the bride’s dress. The vases can be used as stunning wedding reception centerpieces on the tables of the guests. Table cloths in tune with the wedding reception theme color can also be purchased.

A themed reception is a brilliant idea too and the whole thing can be set up on an affordable budget, but be aware and receptive of the seasons. For example if the wedding reception is a spring event then use decorations which include fresh, fragrant and light colored flowers.

Summer related themes would have neutral colors with bold and prominent decorations. Warm and vibrant colors work perfect with weddings in the autumn season while the winter decorations are great in light shades of blues and pinks. Sprinkling rose petals would be lovely as wedding reception table decorations and you can also scatter them atop the floating water bowls or on the walkways.

Cover the area of the dance floor with poles which have been draped elegantly green garlands or with silk or satin ribbons. Candles work beautifully as centerpieces for wedding reception decorations. These provide a soft glow and make the ambience romantic, tranquil and mellow. Candles don’t even cost much and would uplift your décor to a new level. The venue for the reception can be outdoors or indoors as it depends upon the comfort of the guests and the season.

Each year there would be literally hundreds of different trends for wedding reception decorations that come in to picture, so you only have to look for the type you want to incorporate at your function in a way that it exudes charm, uniqueness and looks trendy, while keeping it all under your budget.